Water powered sump pump - Reinvented.

The power is out from a bad thunderstorm and your electrically powered sump pump is literally “dead in the water”. The basement is flooding and you’re knee deep in one expensive problem… Now there’s an answer.

Storm Pumps, a reinvented water powered sump pump.

Utilizing your existing city water supply, Storm Pumps creates a reliable power source that can effortlessly power a sump pump to stop basement flooding and save you thousands of dollars. Optionally equipped with a state-of-the-art alert system, our pumps will push messages to a smart phone notifying the homeowner when their defense line is activated.



It’s raining cats and dogs. You’ve just lost power and your sump pump is “dead in the water”. What is the answer? A pump that runs on city water pressure. Storm Pumps use the most reliable utility to your home, your city water supply (40psi). [Read More]



Storm pumps automatically takeover when the power fails and work until power is restored. Battery powered pumps will run until the batteries are flat. Storm Pumps can run for weeks or months to save you thousands in flood damage. [Read More]



Storm Pumps come with a five year warranty and an optional wireless alarm system. The alarm system will text, email, or call when the Storm Pump has been activated. The alarm will allow for remote operation and test. Worried about a bad storm when you are away? Now, you can check anytime to see all is well, and that is “peace of mind”.